Tennetics, Bionetic Programming for Tennis, has been used b=and endorsed by USTPTA Tennis professionals. Tennetic programming identifies the physical limitations in your body that are hindering optimal tennis performance and corrects the dysfunction. The programming not only enhances performance but alleviates irregular wear and tear on your joints to reduce inflammation and prevent injury. To learn how Tennetic Programing will enhance your body like never before watch the video.


One of the biggest levers your body has in creating power in your tennis serve is your shoulder. Learn how increasing the strength and mobility in your shoulders in specific places for tennis can increase the speed of your serve, make you more accurate and prevent your elbow and wrist from injury and pain.


One of the biggest cause of elbow and shoulder pain in tennis is poor limited mobility. Your trunk is not only your biggest source of power in tennis it can reduce inflammation and wear and tear in several other joints in the body. Find out how you can restore and enhance the efficiency of your body for tennis my strengthening your trunk in the right places for tennis.


Learn the importance of having a properly aligned pelvis in increasing the power of your tennis game. The biggest cause of knee and ankle pain is a misaligned pelvis. The Tennetic tennis assessment will identified how your pelvis is misaligned to identify the exact exercises needed to increase performance and extended the life of your tennis career.

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