Bionetic personal training begins with an in depth consultation to clearly understand where you’ve been and exactly where you want to go with your body. Based on your goals, budget and commitment level and rigorous data collection process using the most advanced bio-assessment technology and methods in the world. After the unique one of a kind intricacies of your body have been identified a program outline is derived to get you to your goal in the shortest amount of time. Every session is documented and tracked and periodic checkpoint assessments are in place to assess the efficacy of the program to make sure your body is progressing as predicted. Bionetic Trainers are constantly cross referencing your progress with the assessment data to assess progress is aligning with goals.


Doing cardio at the wrong heart can not only hinder progress but it can cause your body to store fat. Like no other assessment in the world, our proprietary Fat Burn and Heart Assessment will tell you the exact heart rate your body burns the most fat ensuring maximum fat loss in the shortest amount of time. This ensures that a single second of energy and effort is wasted during you cardio sessions, resulting in burning fat 100 times more efficiently during your workouts. The assessment will also give you and accurate assessment of the strength and health of your heart.


The DEXA scanner is the most accurate Body Composition Bio-marker in the world. Not only will it give you accurate on your bone mineral density and body fat percentage it will break down the grams of lean mass and fat in your arms, legs, trunk and hips. The DEXA gives you accurate feedback on how and where your body is gaining or losing muscle and fat to ensure the time, more and energy toward your health and fitness goals is optimized. The DEXA assessment also give you in depth information of the bone density of your body which is directly related to cellular health.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you want to manage the contours of your body you have to accurately measure the contours of your body. The Bionetic Circumference Measurement assessment accurately measures over 100 points of the contours of your body within a centimeter. The assessment identifies the effects your workouts are having to the shape of your body to identify to ensure that your workout regimen is moving toward your ultimate contour shaping goals.


Are you doing the right exercises for your body? Without clearly understanding your body’s current parameters there is no way to know. Our proprietary Bionetic Range of Motion Assessment clearly outlines the current limitations of your body to ensure exercises are picked that work within the parameters of your body. Not only does working within the parameters of your body allow you to recruit more muscle tissue during workouts obtaining results quicker, it limits irregular wear and tear on the structure of your body leading you injury and inflammation reducing the functional life of your body.


Over the course of our live we endure stresses hinder the connection of our brain with certain muscles fibers creating imbalance in the body. Muscles are what manage the positioning of our bone and joint alignment. When the brain doesn’t connect properly with muscles the joint structure of the body gets alter creating premature irregular tear creating inflammation, hinder cosmetic enhancement, set back performance and take years off the functional life of your body. The proprietary Bionetic neuro-musclar assessment analyses the quality of the brain muscle connection to over 100 muscles to ensure all imbalances are accounted for and assed. Accurate identifying specific muscle imbalances allows for an exercise program to be develop specific to your body’s one of a kind neuro-musclar needs to restore your body’s bone and joint alignment decreasing pain, enhancing cosmetic appearance, increasing performance and adding years to the functional life of your body.


Are you eating the right foods for your body? Without accurately knowing your body’s current metabolic condition you don’t know. The Bionetic Nutrition assessment accurately identifies whether your body is currently burning more proteins, fats or carbohydrates allowing an efficient nutrient plan to be created. The assessment identifies scientifically the right kind and amounts of food needed to reach your goal ensure faster results in a shorter amount of time.


As we age our bodies ability to absorb nutrients from food diminishes which elevates the aging process in our body. The only way to know the specific nutrients your body is deficient in is to assess through bloodwork. The Bionetic MicroNutrient assess your body’s nutrients at the cellular level and is the most accurate and in depth method in the world to date. The results from the micronutrient test not only tell you the exact mutrients your body is currently deficient, but outlines the exact supplements and serving size of supplements to take to restore and optimize nutrient and cellular health.


The bacteria in your gut makes your body’s hormones and vitamins and is the source of over 90% of disease in the body. Identifying the imbalances can increase energy, balance mood swings, restore hormonal health, increase muscle development and prevent disease. In addition the Bionetic Gut Health assessment identifies the exact strains of bacteria in your gut to identify the exact foods to eat to grow good bacteria and what foods to avoid to minimize the fermentation of bad bacteria.


We all know our chronological age but how what is the biological age of your body? Does your chronological age match up with your body’s biological age? For example, your could be 40 years old chronologically with your body being biologically 30 or 50 years old. The Bionetic Biological Assessment analyses the age of your cells to get an accurate account of how well your body is aging. The is new and revolutionary technology which is helping people around spot issues before they become catastrophic.


The Bionetic Mortality Assessment uses the same technology the Cleveland Clinic used to measure life expectancy. The Cleveland Clinic observed over 122,000 people over 24 year period. Those who scored better on the life expectancy test lived longer than those who scored poorly. To see how your score on the Bionetic Mortality assessment of learn what you can do you increase your life expectancy rating schedule your free consult today.

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