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Bionetics identifies the exact muscle fibers in your body that have lost their proper connection with your brain and restores the connection to realign joints, eliminate pain, prevent irregular wear, increase performance and add years to the functional life of your body. 

As we age the stress, trauma and overuse our bodies experience hinders the connection between our brain and muscle fibers hindering the ability for muscles to contract properly. This neuromuscular dysfunction causes muscles to shorten tightening around joints which reduces  mobility and misaligns the joints of the body. 

Like a car that is out of alignment a body that is misaligned will have premature irregular wear and tear that hinders both the performance the functional lifespan and will create dysfunction through the entire body.


The picture on the left shows the quadricep muscle group and the effects it has on knee joint alignment. The illustrations shows the 4 different muscles of the group that directly attach to the kneecap (patella). The fibers of the muscles run in different directions and when they shorten will pull the patella in the direction of the fibers. You can see where if the vastus lateralis muscle where to sit in a tightened position at rest it would pull on the upper part of the kneecap outward misaligning the knee joint. 

Muscles with hindered connections with brain working improperly cause pain, limited mobility, inflammation and irregular wear and tear on the surface of the joint accelerating the aging process of the entire body. The longer muscles go with hindered connections with the brain the more dysfunction they can create throughout the entire.  

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Your body’s neuromuscular dysfunction is as unique to you as your thumbprint as no two human bodies have endured the same stress over the course of life. Bionetic proprietary neuromuscular assessments and strength training methods identify 


reconnect your brain

and experience results like never before!

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Misaligned joints create chronic pain, create irregular wear and tear, cause inflammation, hinder performance and accelerate the aging process of the joint. Strength training done improperly can further enhance the neuromuscular imbalances pulling joints further out of alignment.

Bionetics utilizes proprietary methods to assess what muscles fibers have a hindered connection with the brain and uses proprietary methods to reconnect the brain to muscle tissue and develop muscle tissue from the inside out to realign the joints of your body to their proper positions eliminating chronic pain and inflammation, increasing performance while slowing the aging process of your body.  

Bionetics uses proprietary neuromuscular assessments to identify the specific muscle fibers that have hindered connection with your brain.

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